Service 1 - from 24 January 2021

Frequency Guide

Phase 1Phase 2
Weekday Daytime---10 mins---15  mins
Saturday Daytime---15 mins---15 mins
Sunday Daytime---20 mins---20 mins
Evenings---30 mins---30 mins

New Route Map

Click here to check out the new route map of service 1

Summary of Changes

Existing split routes of services 1a/1b will be merged into a new, simplified service 1. Whilst physical distancing is required, buses on the new route will run up to every 10 minutes during the day; in the long-run, this will drop down to every 15 minutes. This will allow us to adjust frequency (and economise resource) whilst actually increasing the number of buses to some unique route sections which were previously only served every 20 minutes.

The new timetable will be simpler and more consistent with a single main route. Only occasional journeys will extend to Baird Avenue to serve the Tesco Call Centre (targeted to coincide with shift times); this extension will not miss out any stops on the main route.

All of the areas currently accessed by services 1a/1b will still be within 400m (roughly a five minute walk) of a bus stop. In fact, some households in Ardler will be closer to their nearest stop than before. Some passengers will find themselves slightly further away from their nearest stop, but evidence suggests people prefer this to having a less frequent service nearby.

See below for a more detailed breakdown of the route in sections:

Route Section: City Centre to Five Ways

  • City Centre stance allocation at Courthouse Square, Albert Square and Victoria Road will not change
  • Some early morning journeys (pre-0700) will continue to extend to Whitehall Street to accommodate transfers for onward travel to Ninewells Hospital
  • Combined route remains unchanged as far as Dens Road before continuing via Moncur Crescent
  • Main Street will no longer be served, and passengers travelling to/from the Hilltown will be directed to use service 22 instead
  • Shops at Coldside will still be accessible from stops on Strathmore Avenue near Milton Street

Route Section: Five Ways to Macalpine Fire Station

  • The new route will run directly via Strathmore Avenue and Harefield Road before going into The Stack to maintain access to popular retail facilities (and the interchange point with services 9/10)
  • Access to Kings Cross Hospital will be improved
  • Access to St Johns High School will be maintained
  • Byron Street will no longer be served by this route, but we have proposed that in-fill service 2 run this way every hour during the day (this depends on financial support from Dundee City Council); service 1 will still be accessible from stops on Strathmore Avenue, which are less than 400m away
  • Combined route remains unchanged between The Stack and Macalpine fire station

Route Section: Ardler

  • The new route will be streamlined to run via Turnberry Avenue, Dalmahoy Drive and Birkdale Place
  • Turnberry Avenue is a logical choice as it runs through the heart of Ardler, as opposed to skirting around the periphery, which means buses will be more easily accessible for more people. This will also be a convergence point with Outer Circle services 9/10. We further believe that having 'stops near shops' (as would be the case at the Ardler Complex) will make pedestrian access to bus services easier to accept and understand, as people are already accustomed to walking short distances to reach local shops. This area is a purpose-built community hub, where buses will now be closer to local amenities and primary schools
  • Rosemount Road will no longer be served, but all housing in the area is within 250m of the new stops on Turnberry Avenue and passengers will benefit from a five minute improvement in frequency (service 1 will run every 15 minutes, whereas service 1a was previously every 20 minutes)
  • Macalpine Road will no longer be served from the stops directly outside the shopping precinct, but there are alternative stops around the corner on Turnberry Avenue, or near Camperdown Road
  • Occasional journeys on weekdays and Saturdays will extend (via Staffa Place) to Baird Avenue to serve the Tesco Call Centre, targeted to coincide with shift times. Buses will then return via Staff Place to rejoin the main route from the Crematorium. For journeys which do not extend to Baird Avenue, pedestrian access (approximately a five minute walk) is available from stops on Turnberry Avenue

Route Section: St Marys

  • In the northern section of St Marys, on the basis of passenger feedback, the route will run as an anti-clockwise loop taking in both Laird Street (westbound) and St Kilda Road (eastbound)
  • Both Laird Street and St Kilda Road will benefit from a five minute improvement in frequency (service 1 will run every 15 minutes, whereas split services 1a/1b were each previously every 20 minutes)
  • Buses will take a four-to-five minute layover at the terminus near Benholm Place, marking the break between inbound and outbound journeys. Passengers are welcome to stay on the bus to travel beyond the terminus; alternatively, those who do not wish to wait may get off the bus and walk the rest of the way
  • We have proposed to Dundee City Council that a bus shelter on Macalpine Road be relocated north of the junction with Birkdale Place so that citybound buses can still closely serve Lidl
  • Both local Primary Schools (Craigowl and St Andrews) will continue to be served from their nearest bus stops