Service 17 - from 24 January 2021

Frequency Guide

Phase 1Phase 2
Weekday Daytime---12 mins---15 mins
Saturday Daytime---15 mins---15 mins
Sunday Daytime---20 mins---20 mins
Evenings---30 mins---30 mins

New Route Map

Click here to check out the new route map of service 17.

Summary of Changes

Service number 15 will be withdrawn and all journeys will instead run as a service 17 which will follow the same route at all times.

Whilst physical distancing is required, buses will run the full route (between Ninewells Hospital and Whitfield) up to every 12 minutes during the day; in the long-run, this will drop down to every 15 minutes. This means that the eastern half (between the City Centre and Whitfield) will see a slight reduction in frequency in order to economise resources. But passengers will benefit from more buses which run all the way through to the hospital. The western half (between the City Centre and Ninewells), however, will see frequency double from half-hourly to every 15 minutes, and will gain new connections to Lochee.

See below for a more detailed breakdown of the route in sections:

Route Section: Ninewells Hospital to the City Centre

  • Daytime frequency will double from half-hourly to every 15 minutes
  • Residents of Menzieshill and the Pentland area will gain new links to Lochee
  • The route remains unchanged between Ninewells Hospital and Arran Drive
  • The eastern end of Charleston Drive will not be served as buses will instead use South Road to compensate for the merger of services 28/29. This area always yielded very few passengers compared to others in the past - and the impact of Covid-19 means that demand is now even lower. For alternative access to this area, check out new service 6
  • Passengers who previously used service 29 from South Road will have a bus as frequently as they ever did before and, although it will take two minutes longer to reach the City Centre, it will drop them off on the High Street instead of Albert Square. We believe that this slightly longer journey time will be an acceptable trade-off for maintained frequency and closer access to the heart of the City Centre
  • The route remains unchanged between City Road and the City Centre
  • Ancrum Road will not be served, but residents will still be within 400m walking distance of alternative stops on City Road. We believe that this will be an acceptable trade-off in order to benefit from a doubled frequency and new links to Lochee. We further believe that having 'stops near shops' (as would be the case at City Road) will make pedestrian accss to bus services easier to accept and understand, as people are already accustomed to walking a short distance to reach local shops

Route Section: City Centre to Whitfield

  • City Centre stance allocation at the High Street, Whitehall Street, Nethergate, Commercial Street and Victoria Road will not change. At the Seagate, however, service 17 will be re-allocated to stance S1, where timings will be evenly co-ordinated with services 5 | 9 to provide a regular 7 minute frequency for the West End. Service 5 will likewise be re-allocated to stance W1 on Whitehall Street to co-ordinate with service 17
  • The outbound route between the City Centre and Whitfield remains unchanged
  • The inbound route toards the City Centre, however, will run via Albert Street (which was used by service 17 previously) instead of Dura Street. This is to ensure frequent, regular access to/from the local district centre, and to maintain a high frequency of service for residents in Stobswell once other adjustments are made to services 32/33
  • Buses will continue to run a linear route in and around Whitfield, with The Crescent acting as the terminal point. This is to address operational challenges which arose with the alternating loop system previously run on services 15/17. Having an official terminus where recovery time can be built into the schedule will improve punctuality. We will keep a close eye on housing developments in the Whitfield area (as the loop system had originally been introduced to cut journey times from the eastern end of the estate), but delivering a reliable service for all passengers will remain our top priority
  • Early morning positioning journeys will not run the full route around Whitfield (via Berwick Drive) towards The Crescent. Instead, they will follow the main route as far as Whitfield Drive before heading straight up Whitfield Loan to Lothian Crescent