Service 18 - from 24 January 2021

Frequency Guide

Phase 1Phase 2
Weekday Daytime---10 mins---15 mins
Saturday Daytime---15 mins---15 mins
Sunday Daytime---20 mins---20 mins
Evenings---30 mins---30 mins

New Route Map

Click here to check out the new route map of service 18

Summary of Changes

Service 18 will see some route changes, which includes an extension to Claverhouse and running further into the City Centre. Whilst physical distancing is required, buses on the new route will run up to every 10 minutes during the day; in the long-run this will drop down to every 15 minutes. This will allow us to adjust frequency (and economise resource) whilst still delivering a good-frequency serviceon this core route.

See below for a more detailed breakdown of the route in sections:

Route Section: City Centre to Old Glamis Road

  • City Centre stance allocation at Courthouse Square, Albert Square and Victoria Road will not change
  • The route will be extended to terminate at Crichton Street (stance C2) and begin at the Nethergate (stance N1) to allow buses to interwork between services 18 | 32/33, which they previously did in the evening. These services will not be run full as joint through-routes - meanin a single ticket would not be travel from Arklay Street to Fintry, for example. Passengers may, however, board at any stop in the City Centre (within the Marketgait ring-road) even prior to an inbound bus changing to its outbound journey
  • The route remains unchanged between Victoria Road and D&A College's Kingsway campus

Route Section: Kirkton

  • The new route will run via Gillburn Road, providing closer access to St Pauls Academy and to new and existing housing on the southern side of Kirkton
  • Buses will still stop at ASDA on Derwent Avenue (but will no longer terminate there)
  • The new route will still serve Balgowan Avenue, but citybound buses will instead stop on the south side of the road as a result of the overall route revision. We have proposed to Dundee City Council that bus shelters currently positioned on the north side should be relocated so that passengers waiting to head into town will still benefit from that infrastructure

Route Section: Claverhouse

  • The new route will extend from Kirkton via Claverhouse Road and Barns of Claverhouse Road before terminating at the turning circle near Middleton Crescent
  • This will provide new, good-frequency service for the communities in this area: Claverhouse, Emmock Woods and the western side of Mill o' Mains