Service 22 - from 24 January 2021

Frequency Guide

Phase 1Phase 2
Weekday Daytime---8 mins---10 mins
Saturday Daytime---10 mins---10 mins
Sunday Daytime---20 mins---20 mins
Evenings---30 mins---30 mins

Route Map

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Summary of Changes

Having been stable and consistent for many years (dating as far back as being a pre-war tram route), there will be no changes to the main route of service 22. Whilst physical distancing is required, buses will run up to every 8 minutes during the day; in the long-run, this will drop down to every 10 minutes - meaning this flagship cross-city route will still be classed as a 'high-frequency' service.

 Together with services 5 | 9/10 | 17, service 22 will help to provide 16 journeys to/from Ninewells Hospital every hour during the day on weekdays and Saturdays.

City Centre stance allocations at the High Street, Nethergate, Whitehall Street, Commercial Street, Seagate and Victoria Road will not change.

In order to simplify the service overall, both the 22a and 22b variations will be withdrawn and replaced with journeys which follow the standard service 22 route. These occasional extensions were not well-used and therefore add unnecssary complexities to a core service. Passengers who previously used service 22b to reach Ninewells Hospital on Sunday mornings may continue to do so (and get there more quickly) with corresponding journeys on service 10. The evening detour via Whitehall Theatre will also be permanently removed so that all journeys follow the main route via Blackness Road at all times. Removing these variations simplifies the service overall and means passengers can be secure in the knowledge that buses in their area will serve the same stops at all times.

Evening run-off journeys which terminate in the City Centre will continue to be numbered as service 922. This more clearly distinguishes run-off journeys from those which follow the full cross-city route.