Service 5 - from 24 January 2021

Frequency Guide

Phase 1Phase 2
Weekday Daytime---10 mins---15 mins
Saturday Daytime---15 mins---15 mins
Sunday Daytime---15 mins*--15 mins*
Evenings---30 mins---30 mins*

*Between the City Centre and Barnhill only. See services 9/10 for buses to Ninewells Hospital on Sundays and in evenings.

Route Map

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Summary of Changes

Having already undergone a substantial review earlier this year, there will be no significant changes to the main route of service 5.

Evening journeys (currently numbered as service 5e) will be replacd with more journeys which follow the daytime route between the City Centre and Barnhill. This simplifies the service overall and means passengers can be secure in the knowledge that buses in their area will serve the same stops at all times.

Evening run-off journeys which terminate in the City Centre will continue to be numbered as service 905. This more clearly distinguishes run-off journeys from those which follow the full cross-city route. The number 905 will also apply to inbound journeys during the day on Sundays and in the evenings, when buses will mainly run between the City Centre and Barnhill only. As will be the case during the week, buses will still run a clockwise loop around Barnhill. For access to/from the West End and Ninewells Hospital, passengers can either use Outer Circle services 9/10, or transfer to services 17 | 22 at Whitehall Street.

Whilst physical distancing is required, buses on the new route will run up to every 10 minutes during the day; in the long-run, this will drop down to every 15 minutes; service 5 will continue to alternate with Outer Circle services 9/10 to deliver those combined frequencies. Further to this, there may be an opportunity for the local authority to initiate and organise regular combined frequencies on certain corridors which are shared by more than one operator. There is already a case-study in success for this type of partnership working in the form of the ABC smartcard ticket which allows passengers to board buses run by any local operator.

City Centre stance allocation at the Seagate and Nethergate will not change. At Whitehall Street, however, service 5 will be re-allocated to stance W1, where timings will be evenly co-ordinated with service 17 to provide a regular 7 minute frequency for the West End.