Services 32/33 - from 24 January 2021

Frequency Guide

Weekday Daytime---15 mins---30 mins
Saturday Daytime---15 mins---30 mins
Sunday Daytime---20 mins---40 mins
Evenings---30 mins---60 mins

New Route Map

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Summary of Changes

Having considered a variety of options in detail, we have concluded that it is not possible to merge the split routes of services 32/33 int a single new route, as it would leave too many areas too far away from their nearest bus stop. As a result, services 32/33 will continue to run as separate routes.

Each service will operate up to every half-hour on weekdays and Saturdays (converging to provide a 15 minute headway between the City Centre and Stobswell). These adjustments have been triggered by two factors: the recent impact of Covid-19, and a longer-term decline in patronage on these services which has been in effect for several years. We believe some of the route revisions will help to generate new growth so that these services can remain financially viable for us to operate on a commercial basis.

See below for a more detailed breakdown of the routes in sections:

Route Section: City Centre to Stobswell

  • City Centre stance allocations at Crichton Street, Commercial Street and Seagate will not change. On Victoria Road, however, services 32/33 will be re-allocated to stance V1 so that they once again share a common stop with service 17. This means passengers travelling in the general direction of Stobswell, Maryfield, Linlathen, Mid-Craigie, Fintry and Whitfield can board either bus from the same place
  • Although outbound journeys will start at Crichton Street (stance C2), inbound journeys will no longer terminate there. Instead, they will finish on the Nethergate (stance N1) to allow buses to interwork between services 18 | 32/33, as they already do in the evening. These services will not be run fully as joint through-routes - meaning a single ticket would not be valid from Albert Street to Kirkton, for example. Passengers may, however, board at any stop in the City Centre (within the Marketgait ring-road) even prior to an inbound bus changing to its outbound journey
  • The combined routes will remain unchanged between the City Centre and Albert Street
  • To accommodate for frequency adjustments on Albert Street, service 17 will run this way (towards the City Centre) to provide a total of eight journeys per hour

Route Section (Service 32): Stobswell to Fintry

  • The new route will run half-hourly via Pitkerro Road and then through Linlathen (via Glenconnor Drive, Pitkerro Drive and Fountainbleau Drive). We believe that improving access to/from Linlathen will help to grow patronage on this service. Further, with housing developments ongoing in Whitfield, we believe that having additional capacity on Pitkerro Road will help support service 17 (which we expect may grow busier prior to reaching Mid-Craigie)
  • Morrisons will still be accessible from alternative stops on both Glenconnor Drive and Fountainbleau Drive
  • In 2018, we conducted a lengthy consultation about the future of services 32/33 - driven mostly by punctuality problems arising from unpredictable traffic volumes on the Forfar Road. At the time, it was decided to leave the routes unaltered. However, we nevertheless continue to believe that diverting service 32 away from this congested trunk road will help us deliver a more reliable timetable
  • In Fintry, the new route will run the full lenth of Fintry Road before terminating at Findowrie Street. This removes the operational difficulty of turning tight corners at the intersection of Fintry Drive and Fintry Road, and reverts to a system which was previously more popular among residents

Route Section (Service 33): Stobswell to Whitfield

  • The new route will continue to run half-hourly via Forfar Road, meaning both Morrisons and Mill o' Mains will still be accessible from the usual stops on the dual carriageway. We believe that keeping the 33 on Forfar Road, but diverting service 32 to Pitkerro Road, is an acceptable compromise which helps us improve overall punctuality without reducing access to/from Mill o' Mains
  • In place of service 32a, occasional journeys of service 33 will extend to Jack Martin Way to serve various workplaces, targeted to coincide with shift times on weekdays
  • In Fintry, the new route will run via the full length of Fintry Drive before carrying on toward Whitfield
  • In Whitfield, the new route will use Whitfield Drive and Whitfield Loan at all times, removing the need to vary some journeys at school times due to congestion near the Northeast Campus. There are also bus stops already in place on Whitfield Drive, removing the need for hail & ride on Lothian Crescent