Services 9/10 - from 24 January 2021

Frequency Guide

Phase 1Phase 2
Weekday Daytime---30 mins---30 mins
Saturday Daytime---30 mins---30 mins
Sunday Daytime---hourly---hourly

Summary of Changes

Click here to check out the new route map of services 9/10.

On the basis of passenger feedback, the route will go through central Charleston (taking in Buttars Road and Craigowan Road) to provide a link to Ninewells Hospital. Additional links to the hospital will be provided by new service 6.

Buses will continue to provide access to the Technology Park at all times, and to Baird Avenue and Jack Martin Way on occasional journeys (corresponding with the busiest shift times at those locations on weekdays). These limited detours will be the only variations on this service, which we have worked hard to simplify in recent years. The 9a/10a varations in evenings and on Sundays were already withdrawn in favour of more regular 9/10 journeys earlier this year. And now, as part of our plan going forward, service 9c (which previously ran on weekday mornings to cater for an influx of students heading to D&A College's Gardyne campus) will also be withdrawn and replaced with standard service 9 journeys. This also corresponds with college plans to alter its timetables to avoid a peak-time influx of students.

In its role as a route which connects communities, the Outer Circle will continue to run between the biggest residential areas and will still feed into interchange hubs around the city, where passengers can transfer to/from other core services. Examples include: Ninewells Hospital, Lochee and The Crescent.

The daytime frequency (on weekdays and Saturdays) will still be half-hourly; dropping to hourly in the evenings and all day on Sundays. Between Perth Road and Barnhill, the Outer Circle will continue to alternate with service 5 to provide a combined frequency.

Prior to the onset of Covid-19, considerable work had been undertaken to thoroughly review the timings of services 9/10. This was to improve punctuality on an important service which runs a 26-mile marathon route around Dundee - which includes navigating what were some of the most congested pinch points in the city. With significant changes to traffic trends in recent months, and with lingering uncertainty as to how things will stabilise in the future, it may be necessary for us to revisit the drawing board on this service so that we can devise a new, more reliable schedule which responds to those conditions.

City Centre stance allocation at the Seagate and Nethergate will not change. At Whitehall Street, however, services 5 | 9 will be re-allocated to stance W1, where timings will be evenly co-ordinated with service 17 to provide a regular 7 minute frequency for the West End.