National Express Bus App

To our National Express Bus App users

The NXbus app has been retired and we've reverted back to our original apps.

If you have a current ticket you will need to create a new account in the original mTicket app by using the same email address as your existing account and choosing a password. 

Once you have set up your new account, give us a call on 0121 254 7272 or contact so we can move your ticket over to the original app.

It is important that you create this account so that your travel is not interrupted once the app is retired.

To download the MTicket app - 

Click here for iOS.

Click here for Android.

For live bus apps -

Click here for iOS.

Click here for Android (Note - does not work on Android version 10).

If you are using Android version 10, then please use the Network West Midlands app which provides the same prediction information.
Click here for Android.

Why are we retiring the app?

In June 2019, after a long period of development and testing, we released a new NX Bus app on the app stores. 

Our vision was to create an all-in one app that provided live bus tracking and ticketing in one place. We knew this would be a complex project but felt it would bring a big benefit to our users, making life easier when tracking a bus or buying a ticket.

But some of you have had a very different experience.

You’ve reported issues with the app crashing, tickets not displaying after purchase and unreliable live bus predictions. We’ve read your reviews, taken your calls and documented the issues. We’ve relentlessly investigated the root cause of the problems and released numerous fixes. But these have not made enough of an improvement to deliver a consistent and reliable experience for our customers.

For that reason, we are now taking the NX Bus app out of the app stores while we delve further into the core issues as part of our commitment to offering a better digital experience. 

Our previous NX MTicket app is available for use immediately and you’ll still be able to use your existing tickets until February 27th in the NX Bus app. 

Live bus tracking will once again be provided by our old app, called National Express West Midlands which is available in the app stores.

We’re sorry for disappointing you and letting you down when you need it most. We had good intentions but that’s not enough unless it makes a positive difference to you. We look forward to launching our new and improved App once we are confident that it will deliver you the benefits that we promised. 

The NX Bus App team