Real-time Information

Timetable information on your phone

SMS TextTime provides information about your local bus service and when the next buses will arrive at your stop via your mobile phone.

Each stop in the West Midlands has been given a unique code that can be entered into your mobile phone.

SMS TextTime looks at the timetable for that stop and sends you the information on the next buses. A number of services across the West Midlands use satellite technology to track your bus and give an accurate prediction of the next bus's arrival time. For other routes the SMS service will provide the timetabled time.

Follow these easy steps

A growing number of stops and shelters have a bus text code that appears on the printed timetable or on a plate attached to the stop. You can also obtain the code for your stop by the link below. This gives the particular bus stop code in 8 letters starting with the letters NWM.

Input the 8 letters in a text message on your mobile phone and send to 84268. You do not need to put anything else in the message after the code.

In a few seconds you will receive a text message reply giving you the time the next few buses will arrive.

To find the code for your stop click here. Calls charged at 25p plus your standard network operator charges*.

Bus Stop Times and Map on Your Mobile Device

For people with WAP-enabled mobiles, PDAs, Blackberrys or internet access, there is the new .MobiTime service. Log on to via your device and find out the time of your next bus, with a map available to show where the bus stop is located.