Frequently Asked Questions for mTicket

Where can I use my mTicket?

You can use your mTicket on any National Express West Midlands, National Express Coventry or Midland Metro tram services.

Which mobile phones can I use?

iPhone and Android devices are both supported by our mTicket App. For iPhone users your operating system needs to be iOS 8.0 or higher and for Android users your system needs to be 4.4 or higher.

Does it matter which mobile network I use?

No, our mTicket App can be used across all mobile networks.

How do I get my mTicket?

Once purchased you will find your tickets in the Ticket Wallet.

Which mTickets can I purchase?

You may purchase adult Daysaver, Shift Rider, adult weekly and Student 4 week tickets through our App.

How do I know the price of the mTicket before I purchase?

All mTickets prices are clearly visible prior to payment being taken. 

How do I pay for my mTicket?

Payment will be taken by debit or credit card at the time of purchase. It is not possible to add the amount to your mobile phone bill.

Will you store my card details?

Only if you choose to. At the end of your purchase you will be given the opportunity to store your card details for quicker future purchases. Those card details are stored securely using non-reversible encryption.

What if I do not activate or use my mTicket?

Your mTicket is valid immediately after purchase. No refunds can be provided.

What if I buy the wrong mTicket?

Please contact us for assistance.

When should I activate my mTicket?

Please activate your ticket just prior to boarding.

How do I activate my mTicket?

Click the Ticket Wallet tab to access your saved tickets and click on the ticket you wish to activate.

How many times can I activate my mTicket?

You may activate your mTicket as many times as necessary during the validity period.

What do I need to do when I board a bus?

You need to ensure you have activated the required ticket and that it is displayed clearly on your screen. For a successfully activated ticket, a series of colours and time to ensure that they are valid on that particular day and the driver will use the ticket machine to ensure your ticket is valid.

What if my phone battery runs out?

If you are unable to display your mTicket to the driver or a member of staff on request you will have to pay the driver for your journey and this fare is non-refundable.

Can more than one customer travel on one mTicket?

No, only one person can travel per mTicket.

What if I lose my phone?

Please contact us and we will be able to transfer your ticket wallet to a new handset. Refunds are not available.

What happens if I upgrade my phone or get a new handset or change my phone number?

You can transfer your account to a new handset. Download the app on your new handset, enter your details and you will be provided with the opportunity to move your existing wallet to your new device.

How do I change my credit/debit card details?

<Include screen showt on how to get to Card Management>

I still need some help?

Please contact us if you require any more help.