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Public say it with flowers to bus cleaners


Public say it with flowers to bus cleaners

Cleaners doing extra Covid-19 duty on buses in the West Midlands have been given flowers and bottles of water by grateful members of the public.

As part of the West Midlands Bus Alliance’s work to maintain high standards of hygiene on public transport, teams of cleaning staff are jumping on buses waiting in Birmingham city centre and at bus stations across the region to give the vehicles a mid-service wipedown.

The teams are tackling over 1700 buses every day - nearly 9,000 a week. The enhanced cleaning procedure targets shared surfaces such as hand poles, bell buttons, handles, printers and ticket machines. The cleaners also remove any rubbish dropped since the bus left the garage.

Mark Heffernan, Director of Operations at National Express, said:

“We’re very pleased with the work these city-centre teams are doing to keep the buses extra-clean. They are helping keep our customers and our drivers safe. It’s lovely that the public are thanking them in this way - they deserve it!”


Published: 15 October 2020

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