South Birmingham - Service Changes

Following an extensive public consultation, we’re making some changes to bus routes in and around south and south west Birmingham, from Sunday 22nd July 2018. 

These include small changes, such as timetable improvements so that our buses can run more reliably. There are also some larger route changes, to cater for new and emerging travel needs, and also help to overcome increasing traffic congestion around busier areas, and slower traffic speeds.

These changes will bring new express services, more direct routes to the Queen Elizabeth Hospital and University of Birmingham, and a simpler network that is easier to understand. 

Many will see very little change to their journey, but we’ve gathered route-by-route information to tell you about what’s happening in the coming weeks.

Use the menu links to find out more information about the routes affected; if your route is not listed, then no changes are being made to this service. 

All timetables are available now and can be found within the relevant route pages, or here.

For a visual guide of the changes being made to our south Birmingham network, see the new route map below. 

Download and/or view a copy of our South Birmingham Service Changes booklet here.