South Birmingham Consultation

Making the south Birmingham bus network faster and more reliable

Traffic is getting worse, making journeys slower. Some routes are now 10 minutes slower than they were three years ago. 

This means fewer passengers, which is bad for the economy and social inclusion. Some might switch to cars, making congestion and pollution worse. 

In the last three years we have deployed 47 more buses to run the same routes, more slowly, with fewer passengers. Congestion means higher fares and worse service.

We are working closely with Birmingham City Council and Transport for West Midlands (TfWM) to see if highway changes - like bus gates, changing traffic light patterns and extending bus lanes - will speed up traffic at congestion hotspots. 

This may include changes to bus routes in south Birmingham. The area includes all bus routes between Bristol Road and Warwick Road.  

The solutions will vary according to local circumstances. This might mean faster journeys by following different routes and new express routes which cut journey times by skipping some stops. It might mean splitting long routes that are prone to delays, so passengers in quieter areas are not delayed by traffic several miles away. 

We asked how you would like your network designed. Your top priorities are:

  • Frequency - a bus turning up regularly
  • Journey time - how quickly I get where I am going
  • Value for money - low fares
  • Simplicity - fewer routes and logical numbers

We consulted on some initial ideas. Thanks to all those who have taken part so far. We're working through the feedback to help design a better bus network.

As with all consultations, some proposals and ideas will change as a result of the feedback. If you have any further comments about the consultation please email:

The survey is currently closed, but any future consultation will appear here...