Birmingham low-fare zone

National Express West Midlands has extended its successful low-fare zones again, this time to suburban Birmingham.

From September 2017, the local daysaver from east Birmingham now covers the whole of Birmingham outside the outer circle. It also makes travel on the outer circle itself cheaper because it includes Brum’s famous route number 11, Europe's longest urban bus service. 

Managing Director of National Express West Midlands, Tom Stables, said:

“We know our customers liked the low-fare zones we brought in across the Black Country and Solihull. So we’ve extended it to Birmingham to help people ‘stay local, pay local’ in more areas. It’ll be great for people wanting to shop or have a day out in local centres like Northfield or Sutton Coldfield.

“Off-peak local daysavers for this area outside the city centre are now just £3 for adults, and £1.50 for kids. This gives customers unlimited bus travel after 0930 on weekdays and all day at weekends.”

Mayor of the West Midlands, Andy Street, said:

“It’s important that National Express is always looking at ways of making fares more affordable for passengers. 

“This new low-fare zone will make it cheaper and easier for people who don’t want to go into the city centre but just want to use it for shorter trips, such as to the local shops. 

“Other low-fare zones have proven successful and I hope these will benefit not only passengers but also boost local centres.”

National Express West Midlands’ first low-fare zone was launched in Sandwell and Dudley in February 2017. Since then, the bus operator has seen 4,000 extra bus journeys each day on that patch.

67% of customers surveyed by Transport for West Midlands said they were making more journeys as a result of the cheaper tickets. Almost two thirds of these journeys were shopping. And half these journeys weren't being made before - National Express West Midlands' low-fare zones are helping to grow local economies.

Published 10th October 2017