Fares frozen again for 2020

Fares from 2nd January 2020

  • For the third year in a row, cash fares - that's single tickets, day and off-peak day tickets plus group tickets bought on the bus, are frozen. 
  • We are reducing or freezing fares for commuters and young travellers.

We are freezing the on bus cash fares for single, day, off-peak day and group tickets bought on the bus; we are cutting the price of the under-18s all-day ticket - the daysaver - from £3.10 to £2.30; and our 1 week travelcard is being reduced from £18 to £17.50!

Discounts for paying by mobile, contactless and Pay As You Go will be coming to an end so these fares will be aligned with cash, making our pricing the same for everyone, however you choose to pay. The 4 week West Midlands and the 1 & 4 week Black Country discounts when bought online or on our mobile app will also be coming to an end.

Everything else is frozen!

This includes all passes such as 4 week, 13 week, annual and Direct Debit travelcards; the low fare zone daysavers and travelcards; the £1 child add-on and £2 adult add-on fares; the £1 pre-9.30am concessionary ticket - they are all frozen.

For a summary of the changes:

If you pay with cash, click here.

If you pay via mobile, click here.

If you pay via contactless, click here. 

If you pay via Swift Pay As You Go, click here.

If you ticket or travelcard is not listed or mentioned above it is probably frozen in price!

Published 6th December 2019