Fares Information for 2019

From 2nd January 2019 most of our fares will not change...  

The new year will bring a freeze on most cash bus fares; a January sale on tickets bought using contactless; and a new, simpler and cheaper way to pay for weekly travel.

For the second year in a row, on-bus cash fares - that’s single tickets, daysavers, off-peak daysavers and group tickets - will not go up in price.

In addition, travel paid for using contactless bank cards and devices will be on sale in January - down 10p.

  • All cash single & daysaver prices will not change for a second year running. 
  • Adult single, day & group tickets are still cheaper on our mTicket app and with Swift Pay as You Go. 
  • Beat the fares rise on some travelcards by buying them on our mTicket app or website. 
  • NEW CHEAPER & SIMPLER 'subscription based pass' for customers that buy 1 week passes 
  • Low fare zone prices increase by 50p for a day and £1 for a week.

A detailed break down of our 2019 fares can be found below. 

2018 Price2019 Cash PriceMobile PriceSwift Pay as You Go
West Midlands Singles
Adult Single£2.40STILL £2.40STILL £2.30STILL £2.30
Adult Single 10 Pack£2.20 (£22)-STILL £2.20 (£22)-
Adult Short Hop£1.50STILL £1.50-STILL £1.40
City Hop£1.50STILL £1.50-STILL £1.40
Child Single£1.20STILL £1.20-STILL £1.15
Pre-9:30am Concessionary Single£1STILL £1-STILL £1
West Midlands Day Tickets
West Midlands Adult Day Ticket£4.60STILL £4.60STILL £4.50STILL £4.50
West Midlands Adult Day Ticket 10 Pack£4.40 (£44)-STILL £4.40 (£44)-
Adult Off Peak Day Ticket £4STILL £4STILL £3.90STILL £3.90
Adult Off Peak Day Ticket 10 Pack£3.80 (£38)-STILL £3.80 (£38)-
Child Day Ticket£3.10STILL £3.10-STILL £3
Group Day Ticket£8STILL £8STILL £7CHEAPER than cash at £7
Group Ticket After 6pm£5STILL £5STILL £4STILL £4
Low Fare Zone Tickets
Adult Walsall or Sandwell & Dudley£3£3.50CHEAPER than cash at £3.40CHEAPER than cash at £3.40
Adult Walsall or Sandwell & Dudley 10 Pack£2.80 (£28)-£3.30 (£33)-
Child Walsall or Sandwell & Dudley£1.50£1.75-£1.75
Off Peak Outer Birmingham£3£3.50CHEAPER than cash at £3.40CHEAPER than cash at £3.40
Off Peak Outer Birmingham 10 Pack£2.80 (£28)-£3.30 (£33)-
Child Off Peak Outer Birmingham£1.50£1.75-£1.75
2018 Price2019 PriceMobile Price
Adult West Midlands Travelcards
1 Week£18STILL £18CHEAPER than cash at £17.90
1 Week Web Subscription-£16-
4 Week£65.50STILL £65.50CHEAPER than cash at £63.90
4 Week Web Subscription-£59.95-
Monthly Direct Debit£59.50BEST VALUE £61-
Adult Black Country Travelcards
1 Week£16.20STILL £16.20CHEAPER than cash at £15.95
1 Week Web Subscription-£14.50-
4 Week£56.50STILL £56.50CHEAPER than cast at £55.90
4 Week Web Subscription-£51.95-
Monthly Direct Debit£51.50BEST VALUE £52.90-
Adult Low Fare Zone Travelcards (Walsall or Sandwell & Dudley)
1 Week£11£12£12
1 Week Web Subscription-£10.95-
4 Week £40£44£44
4 Week Web Subscription-£41.50-
Monthly Direct Debit£38BEST VALUE £42-
Child Travelcards
1 Week £9STILL £9-
4 Week£32.75STILL £32.75-
Monthly Direct Debit£29.50STILL £29.50-
Term Plus - 1 Term£99.90STILL £99.90-

Published 18th December 2018